How To Become A Confident English Speaker And Impress Your Boss And Clients With Your Message In Only 30 Days

Speak To Impress

  • Overcome your fear of speaking.
  • Communicate a powerful message.
  • Organize, structure and expand on your ideas.
  • Talk without hesitation on any topic.
  • Advanced public speaking techniques.
  • Practice public speaking with feedback.
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Let's Talk About Your English Speaking Skills For A Minute...

  • Have you been learning English for years but still struggle with your speaking skills?
  • Do you feel a lot of fear and nervousness right before you speak in English?
  • Does your fear of speaking prevent you from giving presentations or sharing your ideas in meetings?
  • Do you have to translate from your native language before you speak in English?
  • Do you lose your words and forget what you want to say right before you speak in English?
  • Do you struggle to organize your thoughts while you're speaking in English?

Are Your English Speaking Skills Preventing You From Taking Your Career To The Next Level?

Here's What Students Have Told Me About Their English Speaking Skills In Their Own Words...

💬 If want to get a promotion, I need to improve my English speaking skills. I have the technical skills to get a promotion, it's just my communication skills that are the issue. - Komal from India

💬 I feel so shy and nervous to speak in English. I'm embarrassed about my English. I've been learning English for so long, I should be able to speak it by now. - Karla from Mexico

💬 If I don't improve my English speaking skills, I could lose my job. I need to speak in English every single day and I'm not performing as good as my coworkers. I know I have the skills for the job, it's just my English that needs to improve. - Andrea from Portugal

💬 I feel so nervous every time the phone rings and I have to pick it up and speak in English. What if I can't answer their questions? What if I get stuck? What if I forget what to say? - Kate from Russia

💬 I know exactly what I want to say in my head. But then I have to translate it from my native language and that takes time. And then when I speak I forget my words and I confuse grammar. I know so much English from years of studying, but I just can't get it out of my head and into my mouth! - Graziella from Italy

💬 I want a better life, for my whole family. But if I can't apply for better jobs in English, then my life won't improve. I'm working a low-level job right now only because my English isn't good enough. I just don't feel confident going to the job interview in English and competing against native speakers. If I felt confident speaking in English, my entire life would change. - Maxwell from Germany

💬 I don't want to sit in meetings silently anymore. I want to contribute. I want to share my ideas. I have really great ideas too, but I just don't feel confident opening my mouth and sharing them, especially in front of other native speakers. I feel like everyone's judging my English. I feel like they don't take me seriously and they don't think I'm good enough because of my poor English speaking skills. I feel disappointed in myself. - Pierre from France

💬 I can write in English, I can understand English and I can read in English without any problems. But when I open my mouth and speak it's like I'm a beginner. Even basic conversations are hard for me. I don't understand how my English writing and grammar can be advanced but my speaking can be so bad. So I just avoid speaking. I definitely don't speak in meetings unless I absolutely have to. And even socially I'm very quiet. My coworkers probably think I don't like them because I never speak to them. I really want to, I just don't know how. - Anna from Czech Republic

The Reality Is That Most Students Struggle With Their English Speaking Skills For Years And Never Gain The Confidence That They Deserve.

But It Doesn't Have To Be That Way!

Here's My Promise To You...

  • You can become a confident English speaker, even if you still make grammar mistakes and have an accent.
  • You can share your ideas on any topic without hesitation, without fear and without translating in your head.
  • You can impress your boss and your clients with your communication skills and be seen as a leader.
  • And you can get amazing results and transform into a confident English speaker in as little as 30 days!

Imagine If You Could...

  • Open your mouth and have the words flow in a fluent, organized way.
  • Feel excited to speak publicly in any situation and on any topic.
  • Pick up the phone and speak in English calmly and effortlessly.
  • Start conversations with native English speakers and strangers in any social situation.
  • Attend job interviews and feel confident talking about your background, experience and the value you bring. 
  • Share your ideas in meetings spontaneously and without hesitation.

Imagine How Your Life Would Change If You Felt Confident Speaking English in Public!



A Premium Coaching Program Designed To Help Busy Professionals Feel Confident Speaking English In Public In Only 30 Days 


  • Overcome your fear of speaking English in public.
  • Develop a positive image of yourself as a public speaker.
  • Understand how to communicate a powerful message in English.
  • Learn how to organize and structure your ideas.
  • Learn how to talk spontaneously on any topic and in any situation.
  • Learn advanced public speaking techniques that the professionals use.
  • Get practical experience speaking English in public.

Becoming a confident English speaker takes more than knowledge of the English language. You need a proven process, mental reprogramming, a supportive community and expert mentorship.



We've turned becoming a confident English speaker into a proven step-by-step process. Simply follow the instructions outlined in our coaching program and every day you'll see real results and you'll quickly transform into a confident English speaker. This process is backed by science and the latest learning methodologies designed to get results fast!


We will teach you how to think differently about public speaking and yourself as a non-native English speaker. You'll learn scientifically proven strategies for permanently eliminating the fear that's holding you back from becoming a confident English speaker. By the end of this program, you'll become a new person. A fearless person who's in control of their life and their results.


It's hard to massively transform your life and get amazing results all alone. You need a community of other students who are all striving towards the same goal. You need the support of an entire community who will keep you motivated, keep you positive and keep you on track to reach your goals as quickly as possible. You'll be welcomed into a supportive community in our program.


You need support. You need your questions answered. You need personalized feedback to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. And you need an expert who can personally guide you as you follow the proven process to becoming a confident English speaker. Our program includes the highest level of personalized support every step of the way.

SPEAK TO IMPRESS Gets You Real Results With Your English Speaking Skills In 3 Easy Steps

STEP #1 - Complete the Online Learning Modules At Your Own Pace  


Simply log in and complete the modules anytime, anywhere it's convenient for you.

Each lesson teaches you specific skills and practical strategies that you can use to improve your communication skills and become an effective and impressive communicator.

STEP #2 - Join an Interactive and Supportive Student Community  


Surround yourself with other professionals from around the world all working on improving their communication skills. Being part of this community will motivate and inspire you as you work hard to reach your goals! You can find an accountability partner, discuss the lesson concepts and share your speaking challenges. You can also get quick access to support from your Speak To Impress coaches.

STEP #3 - Practice Speaking and Get Personalized Support!  


Throughout the week you can join coaching calls where you can practice your public speaking skills in front of an audience and get personalized support, advice and feedback. You'll be working closely with the Speak To Impress coaches throughout the entire program!

Becoming a Confident English Speaker Takes PRACTICE!

(and practice, and practice, and practice, and MORE practice)

Speak To Impress Includes Practical And Effective Public Speaking Exercises Throughout The Entire Program.

You won't just be LEARNING about speaking in English.

You will be


in a supportive and encouraging environment!

Explore Our Student Success Stories

Our students aren't just satisfied with their results from Speak To Impress. Our students have completely changed their lives!

We hope you enjoy listening to their stories and they inspire you to take action.

Hamsa Ekhlayel from Palestine

"Speak To Impress Was A Real Game-Changer!"

  • Hamsa needs excellent communication skills for her dream job as an interpreter.
  • Before joining Hamsa was hesitant, shy, couldn't speak about "easy" topics and was worried about being judged by native speakers.
  • Now Hamsa feels confident speaking on any topic, even if she doesn't have any knowledge on the topic.

Carl Nadeau from Quebec

"Now I'm 200% More Confident!"

  • Carl needs excellent communication skills for his job with the Government in Washington.
  • Before joining Carl relied on his bilingual coworkers to translate for him because he didn't feel confident speaking. He described himself as shy in English, both in the workplace and socially.
  • Now Carl can answer any question without hesitating and he feels excited to share his ideas in public and meet new people.

Evgenia Schulz from Russia

"Joining Was One Of The Best Decisions In My Life!"

  • Evgenia needs excellent communication skills for her recent promotion as head of a tax department so she can speak with her international colleagues.
  • Before joining Evgenia was terrified every time she had to speak in English and because of that she avoided phone calls.
  • Now Evgenia feels confident speaking, looks forward to opportunities to speak in English, and can easily answer the phone.

Raoof Chal from India

"Speak To Impress Helped Me Become Confident In All Areas of My Life"

  • Raoof needs excellent communication skills for his job as an electrical engineer and he dreams of being a motivational speaker in the future.
  • Before joining Raoof had zero confidence speaking, was afraid of being judged because of his English and avoided situations where he had to speak.
  • Now Raoof feels like his native language is English and he feels confident sharing his ideas with his colleagues on any topic without hesitating.

Grace Thazin from Myanmar

"Now I'm A Totally Different Person!"

  • Grace needs excellent communication skills for her dream job as a project manager.
  • Before joining Grace was shy, didn't feel confident and stayed silent because she was worried about making mistakes and being judged.
  • Now Grace shares her opinions and thoughts without hesitating and can confidently and professionally answer any question she's asked.

Apurba Roy from Bangladesh

"Speak To Impress Helped Me Immensely"

  • Apurba needs excellent communication skills for his job as an accountant in Canada.
  • Before joining Apurba didn't feel confident speaking and hesitated before speaking and was always worried about his grammar and mistakes.
  • Now Apurba has overcome his fear of speaking and feels confident speaking in meetings and interviews and he feels excited to share his ideas in public.

Ula Zdrojkowska-Tomasik from Poland

"Now I'm A Different Person. Now I'm Confident"

  • Ula needs excellent communication skills because she works for an international company.
  • Before joining Ula felt stuck, had zero confidence and was afraid to speak with native speakers because she was worried about making mistakes.
  • Now Ula can share her ideas in meetings confidently, can quickly create presentations and she can impress her colleagues with her communication skills.

Toure Abou from Ivory Coast

"Now I Can Speak Freely With Anyone!"

  • Toure needs excellent communication skills for his job as a realtor in Paris.
  • Before joining Toure was afraid of being judged by people because of his grammar mistakes and pronunciation. Because of his fear, he couldn't speak and stayed silent.
  • Now Toure feels confident having sales calls and meetings with international clients. He can also confidently start conversations with anyone and can share his ideas without hesitating.

Nidhi Mahavar from India

"I Started Giving Presentations Confidently One Week After Joining!"

  • Nidhi needs excellent communication skills for her job as an insurance faculty in India.
  • Before joining Nidhi would stop in the middle of presentations because she would forget her words and didn't know how to answer questions and her colleagues would have to finish the presentation for her.
  • Now Nidhi can confidently lead presentations and can answer any questions she's asked without hesitating. She now gets positive feedback from her participants because she can communicate the material clearly, concisely and confidently.

Lina Tarle from Russia

"Now I Don't Hesitate To Speak in English!"

  • Lina needs excellent communication skills for her job in IT in Israel and for international opportunities.
  • Before joining Lina always hesitated before she spoke, forgot her words and would think about her grammar mistakes. Plus she didn't have any opportunity to practice her English speaking skills.
  • Now Lina has made speaking part of her daily routine and she feels confident answering any questions she's asked without hesitation. She even feels more confident speaking in her native language.

Goh Bi Vincent from Ivory Coast

"Now I'm excited to speak in English with anyone!"

  • Goh Bi needs excellent communication skills so he has more career opportunities in the future.
  • Before joining Goh Bi was shy, nervous and scared to speak in English. He could only reply in "one-word" answers and didn't practice his English speaking.
  • Now Goh Bi can expand on his answers and provide full, organized and well-structured answers to any questions he asked. And Goh Bi feels confident speaking English in front of an audience.

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More Student Results...

Ready to take your English speaking skills to the next level?

Speak To Impress

  • Overcome your fear of speaking.
  • Communicate a powerful message.
  • Organize, structure and expand on your ideas.
  • Talk without hesitation on any topic.
  • Advanced public speaking techniques.
  • Practice public speaking with feedback.