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Hi, I’m Jennifer. I’m a Certified English Teacher and Communication expert. I help busy professionals speak English confidently so they can stop struggling with their English and start living the life of their dreams! 

Just imagine what kind of career and life you could have if you felt confident giving presentations, sharing your ideas in meetings and attending networking events. 

I know that you can speak English fluently, confidently and naturally. 

So let’s get started! 


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8 Ways to Stay Motivated to Study English

8 Ways to Stay Motivated to Study English

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Become a Confident English Speaker in the Finally Fluent Academy

The Finally Fluent Academy is an online membership program designed to help you sound like a native English speaker. 

Learn with expertly designed video lessons that help you learn the most common phrasal verbs, idioms and expressions by studying native English speakers in a natural content. 


The Finally Fluent Academy Will Help You:

  • Sound like a native English speaker
  • Feel confident speaking English in public
  • Understand fast-paced English speakers
  • Understand advanced grammar
  • Improve your accent and pronunciation
  • Stay motivated and focused every week
  • And much more! 


Here’s What Some of My Students Have to Say…


“Jennifer is an awesome teacher. Her teaching techniques and materials are practical and updated. She’s friendly and an amazing resource for anyone learning English online.”

Damith, Information Management from Sri Lanka

“Jennifer is the best teacher I have ever met. She is very creative and devoted to the process of teaching. She is ALWAYS very well prepared for her lessons. All the lessons are the small show. She helps me to become more confident and finally to move from learning English to speaking in English.”

Tanya, Doctor from Russia

“Jennifer is a patient and wonderful teacher who coached me through out the course. Now I speak almost like a native English speaker. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to naturalize their accent.”

Ken, Engineer from China

“Jennifer teaches me how to speak English like an American. She teaches me real expressions and the real way people talk. Not the way they talk in a textbook. Now I can actually understand English conversations and I feel more confident socializing too.”

Natalie, Graphic Designer from Panama

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