How To Cancel Your Membership In The Finally Fluent Academy


Remember that the Finally Fluent Academy is a membership and you will be billed monthly or annually (depending on your membership type) until you cancel. 

You can cancel your membership at any time. It's your responsibility to cancel your membership. If you forget to cancel before your next billing cycle, you will not be refunded. 

Once you cancel, you will automatically lose access to the program. Because of this, we recommend cancelling on the last day of your membership cycle.

To cancel your membership, follow these instructions: 



  • Click this link:
  • Enter your email and click "send me my link".
  • Check your email for a message from ThriveCart <>. Make sure you check your junk/spam.
  • Click "Click here to update your info or view your purchase history".
  • Click "Subscriptions"
  • Click "view" 
  • Click "cancel" and confirm cancelation.

If you've followed the above instructions and still need support, please contact us at